Private childbirth classes in English ONLINE

999.00 zł

Our private childbirth classes are ideal for those who desire a personalized class, tailored to their needs and their schedule

Due to the current COVID situation all the classes are held ONLINE!

Classes are held by the experienced team od a midwife, doula and a physiotherapist in your place (located in Wroclaw) and in the physiotherapist practice.

Attention! We can offer also other topics as well as the option od choosing only some of the topics from our offer. Interested? Please email us:

Our team:

  • Anna Sochańska - a midwife who conducts an individual practice and assists in home deliveries, a lactation educator, and a graduate of "Holistic perinatal care". A wife and a mother of two children.
  • Joanna Kozakiewicz - doula, Certified Breastfeeding Supporter, member of Polish Association of Lactation Consultants and DOULA in Poland Society. A wife and a mother of two girls.
  • Agnieszka Ptak - physiotherapist with many years of experience working with newborns, babies and children, and passionate about psychoprofilactic preparation for childbirth. A wife and a mother of two children.

Class schedule

Section I 2 h Everything you need to know about the physiological birth and the cesarean section

During the meeting you will learn:

  • what is a birth cocktail, what is the role of hormones in childbirth
  • what is and how to avoid the cascade of intervention
  • what are the specific stages of delivery?
  • is instinct our ally?
  • the role of vertical positions and relaxation during childbirth
  • pharmacological pain relief methods
  • does the episiotomy protects from tearing
  • how to facilitate newborn adaptation to new living conditions - optimal cord clamping
  • why the "skin to skin" contract is so important
  • what is worth knowing about cesarean section
  • why homebirth in the times of COVID is not an option for everyone?

The meeting is led by Anna Sochańska

Section II 1,5 h Newborn baby care + solving breastfeeding problems

  • how to take care of a belly button
  • natural skincare products
  • relaxing first bath
  • alternative ways of the newborn care
  • fourth trimester - what does it mean to the baby?
  • transitional states of the newborn
  • how to solve the most common breastfeeding problems

The meeting is led by Anna Sochańska

Section III  1,5 Birth plan, Natural and pharmacological pain management techniques, birth partner 

  • how to cooperate with pain and use natural pain management techniques
  • what is a role of a birth companion (partner, doula)
  • 'you can do it' - how to give birth without birth companions in the times of COVID
  • what birth options are available in Wroclaw and the region and what are the recommendations in the times of COVID?
  • what is a birth plan and how to prepare it?
  • what has changed since the New Organisational Standards of Labor Care were introduced?
  • is it enough to have your hospital bag packed to be prepared?

The meeting is led by Joanna Kozakiewicz.

Section IV 2 h Postpartum + Breastfeeding

  • how to build your own supporting village online and manage the postpartum challenges
  • most comfortable positions for breastfeeding during the first days with a newborn
  • how to judge if the baby is still hungry or not?
  • how to start and keep oxytocin flow during breastfeeding?
  • where to find help in case of problems?

 The meeting is led by Joanna Kozakiewicz.

Section V 2 h Prepare you body for birth

  • changes in you body during pregnancy and birth
  • what are the vertical positions and relaxation techniques that will help during delivery?

The meeting is led by Agnieszka Ptak.

Section VI 1,5 h Child - a simple guide, baby care that stimulates psycho-motor development

  • how is a newborn developing and what is necessary for proper development
  • how to support your child's development through proper care and first fun
  • we will practice bathing, carrying, nappy change and dressing up of a newborn the way that stimulates psycho-motor child's development.

The meeting is led by Agnieszka Ptak.

We contact you via email to arrange the timetable as soon we got the information the course is purchased.

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