Physiotherapy Online Consultations in English

100.00 zł

Physiotherapy Online Consultations in English. You are not alone.

Being a mother of a newborn child you might have numerous questions about his or her developments and care. You may also need some advice how to take care of your own body after labor. Without leaving your house you can get both online. Together we will try to find some solutions and remedies in the times of COVID.

Common concerns:difficult labor, baby prefers one side when lying down, hypertonia or hypotonia, breastfeeding difficulties, baby care difficulties.

Consultations are held by Agnieszka Ptak physiotherapist with many years of experience working with newborns, babies and children, and passionate about psychoprofilactic preparation for childbirth. A wife and a mother of two children.

Price 100 PLN- 40/50 min.

How does it work? Within 24h after your purchase I will contact you yo suggest a date of the consultation, discuss the topics you want to cover and describe the technical issues.

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